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Standard Directives Process

1.0 Standard Process

To begin a directives action, the OPI will need to have a consultation meeting with the Directives Program. In this meeting, the Directives Program will determine what type of directives action is needed, explain the overall process to the OPI, and give the OPI the templates they will need.
Having met with the Directives Program, the OPI will need to produce a Directives Action Request memo, signed by the OPI’s head of office and the OPI’s Head of Departmental Element on the throughline. The memo must explain why an existing directive needs to be revised or why a new directive is necessary. A development timeline must also be provided. The purpose of the memo is to give the DRB an understanding of the scope and schedule of the proposed action. The memo is considered advisory in nature, and the DRB may modify the scope or the timeline of the proposed action.
Once the Directives Action Request memo is complete, the OPI will send it to the Directives Program to begin the DRB Request Memo Review. This review is explained in detail in Sub-Process 1. If the DRB had major concerns with the proposed directives action, the Directives Action Request memo will be sent back to the OPI to reevaluate and redraft the memo to address the concerns of the DRB members.

1.2 DRB Request Memo Review

The purpose of the DRB Request Memo Review is to give the DRB the opportunity to review the scope and timeline of the proposed directives action. The DRB will consider how the proposed action will affect their represented offices and whether they would like their organization to be directly represented in the development of the draft directive.

If the DRB approved the action with little or no changes, the Directives Program will inform the OPI of their official deadline and give the OPI permission to begin the directives action. In addition, the Directives Program distribute the signed Directives Action Request memo to points of contact throughout the complex to make them aware of the action in progress. Once the OPI has a draft version of the directive, they will send it to the Directives Program to begin the Review and Comment phase. This phase is explained in detail in Sub-Process 2.

1.3 Review and Comment Process

The purpose of the Review and Comment Period is to gather broad feedback from SMEs across the department, and to make the complex aware of impending changes to or the drafting of a new directive. The goals of this phase are to encourage collaboration and ensure transparency in the creation of internal policy.

After the Review and Comment phase is complete, the Directives Program will work with the OPI to begin the Comment Adjudication phase. This phase is explained in detail in Sub-Process 3.

1.4 Comment Resolution

The Comment Adjudication phase of draft development allows writers to directly address the concerns of the DOE community and give the writers the opportunity to improve the draft based on community feedback. The goal of Comment Adjudication is to garner collaboration and cooperation among offices, and to ensure that issues are addressed.

Once all comments have been adjudicated, the OPI will update the draft directive according to how they responded to the SME’s comments. Afterwards the OPI will send the latest draft to the Directives Program who will begin the Concurrence Review. This phase is explained in detail in Sub-Process 4.

1.5 Concurrence Review Process

The concurrence review process allows organizations to understand how the OPI responded to their comments and review any changes made to the directive. After the AOs and ACs provide a concurrence determination for their organization, the report will be provided to the DRB for a final determination. The DRB provides the final recommendation for approval to the Deputy Secretary.

If an office non-concurs, the effort will move into Impasse. This process is explained in Sub-Process 5. The OPI will use results of the impasse to update the final draft of the directive.

1.6 Impasse Process

The Impasse Process provides offices the chance to have their concerns addressed. The objective is to resolve the issue at the lowest possible level and only escalate if necessary.

Once all offices concur on the draft directive, the OPI will develop the approval memo and an action synopsis. The approval memo must explain the reasoning behind the changes to the directive or the reason a new directive was needed and provide background on the effort. The action synopsis will only be needed the case of a revision and describes the specific changes to the directive. The Directives program will collect all required documents from the OPI, and compile and submit the signature package. This process is detailed in Sub-Process 6.

1.7 Approval Process

To provide the final draft directive to the appropriate approval authority after the Department has concurred.

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