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Comment Resolution Process

1.4 Comment Resolution Process


The Comment Resolution phase of draft development allows writers to directly address the concerns of the DOE community and provides writers the opportunity to improve the draft based on community feedback. The goal of Comment Resolution is to garner collaboration and cooperation among offices, and to ensure that issues are addressed.


Once the OPR is notified that the Review and Comment period is over, they begin Comment Resolution. The Comment Resolution period typically lasts 30 days, but the OPR is encouraged to finish as soon as possible.

The OPR will go into the RevCom system to access the comments submitted by the DPCs. The comments will be labeled as either editorial/suggested or substantive. The OPR is required to respond to all substantive comments, while editorial comments may be accepted or rejected without explanation.

It is considered best practice to consult with the commenting SMEs when partially accepting or rejecting their comments. Communicating directly with the commenting SMEs can clear up misunderstandings and prevent a non-concurrence on the directive in the future. It is unnecessary to consult with SMEs if the OPR is accepting the entire comment as submitted.

Once all substantive comments have been addressed, the OPR will submit their responses in the RevCom system. The OPR will update the draft directive according to the comments and send the updated draft to the Directives Program.

1.4.1 Comment Resolution Flowchart
Comment Resolution


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