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Invoked Standards

If the DOE Directive has not been updated, it may not be invoking the most current version of the DOE Technical Standard.
Policy ID Title Policy Status Invoked Standards
DOE O 413.3B Chg 5 (MinChg) Program and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets Current
DOE O 414.1D Chg 1 (Admin Chg) Quality Assurance Current
DOE O 420.1C Chg 2 (MinChg) Facility Safety Current
DOE O 422.1 Chg 2 (Admin Chg) Conduct of Operations Current
DOE O 425.1D Chg 1 (Admin Chg) Verification of Readiness to Start Up or Restart Nuclear Facilities Current
DOE O 426.1A Federal Technical Capability Program Current
DOE O 426.2 Chg 1 (Admin Chg) Personnel Selection, Training, Qualification, and Certification Requirements for DOE Nuclear Facilities Current
DOE O 430.1C Real Property Asset Management Current
DOE M 435.1-1 Chg 2 (Admin Chg) Radioactive Waste Management Manual Current
DOE O 440.1B Chg 2 (AdminChg) Worker Protection Program for DOE (Including the National Nuclear Security Administration) Federal Employees Current
DOE O 440.2C Chg 1 (Admin Chg) Aviation Management and Safety Current
DOE O 458.1 Chg 3 (Admin Chg) Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment Current

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