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Review and Comment Process

1.3 Review and Comment Process 


The purpose of the Review and Comment Period is to gather broad feedback from across the Department, and to make the complex aware of impending changes to or the drafting of a new directive. The goals of this phase are to encourage collaboration and ensure transparency in the creation of internal policy.


Once the Directives Program staff receives the updated draft directive from the OPR, they will format the document and have it posted for Review and Comment.

The draft directive will be uploaded into the RevCom system along with any included supporting documents. A typical Review and Comment phase lasts 30 days, but this can be longer or shorter based on the timeline approved by the DRB. A notification will be sent to all Directives Points of Contact (DPCs) indicating the document is available for review.

Once alerted, the DPC will use the RevCom system to assign subject matter experts (SMEs) to the action. The SMEs involved will be determined by the individual DPC. If necessary, the DPC can adjust SME due dates up to their own due date.

The SME will review the draft directive and comment as needed. The DPCs are encouraged to review the draft directive in addition to their SMEs. All comments must be labeled as either editorial/suggested or substantive. Once the SME completes their review, they will forward any comments they have to their DPC. Note: Comments should not be in the form of questions. If there are questions on the content of the directive, reviewers should reach out to the OPR directly prior to entering comments.

The DPC will review the comments submitted by their SMEs, consolidate any duplications, and determine which ones will be sent forward to the writer. It is the responsibility of the DPC to resolve conflicting comments from within their organization prior to submission.
The DPCs are encouraged to take advantage of the “report” function in RevCom to assist in their review of the SME comments. The reports allow the user to sort comments by reporting organization and comment type.

If an organization needs an extension, requests can be submitted to the Directives Program from the HQ DPC. Alternatively, the DRB member who represents the organization may submit the request. If the DPC submits the request, they must include their DRB member on the email along with a statement in the email that their DRB member concurs with the request. DRB Membership, and the organizations each represents, can be located on the directives website.

Once all DPCs have submitted responses from their organizations, the Directives Program will notify the OPR that the review is complete.
The OPR will then begin Comment Resolution process.

1.3.1 Review and Comment Flowchart

Review and Comment Flowchart


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