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Expedited Process

2.0 Expedited Process

An expedited revision is reserved for limited changes proposed by the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) for undisputed reductions in requirements, changes directive by S1/S2, verbatim codification of Secretarial Memoranda into directives, regulatory changes, or a combination of the above. The Directives Review Board (DRB) makes the determination to process an expedited revision request.

2.2 DRB Request Memo Review - Expedited

Directives Review Board (DRB) request memos ensure Heads of Departmental Elements agree and are aware of proposed actions, give the DRB the opportunity to review the scope of the proposed directives action, and establish a timeline to complete the effort. The DRB will consider how the proposed action will affect their represented offices and whether they agree to the proposal. 

2.3 Concurrence Review Process - Expedited

The Directives Review Board (DRB) makes the final determination on whether draft directives are provided to the Deputy Secretary for approval. The concurrence review process provides the Department with the opportunity to review the directives and assists the DRB with developing a recommendation for the Deputy Secretary.

2.4 Approval Package Process - Expedited

The purpose of this phase is to provide the final draft directive to the appropriate approval authority after the DRB has concurred. 

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