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Administrative Change

5.0 Administrative Change

Administrative changes do not alter requirements or responsibilities in the affected directive. Examples of such changes include typographical errors, nomenclature changes such as changes to organization names or titles of officials; clarifications that do not alter requirements or responsibilities; or changes to legal citations or references.

An Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) considering administrative changes to a directive, will need to consult with the Directives Program to first determine if the change(s) are administrative in nature. Once it is determined they are, the Directives Program will provide an overview of the process and provide the OPR the approval memo template.

The OPR will develop a redline version of the directive with the proposed changes as well as a memo signed by their head of office (using the approval memo template) and provide those documents to the Directives Program. The Directives Program will review the provided materials and submit the approval package to the Program Director for approval and signature.

Once the directive is approved, the Directives Program will inform the OPR of the approval and will provide a copy of the signed approval memo to the OPR for their records. The Directives Program will post the approved directive to the Directives website and inform the OPR once the directive is available online.

5.1 Administrative Change Process Flowchart

Administrative Change Flowchart


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