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The situation that exists when Work Smart Standards, Standards and Requirements Identification Documents, approved Safety Management System or similar processes are used to modify an applicable Contractor Requirements Document (CRD) provision for inclusion in a contract, and a knowledgeable person would reasonably conclude that the apparent meaning of the CRD provision has not been met by its contractual treatment. Exceptions are taken to provide relief from what would be a requirement were a CRD provision included in the contract as it is written in the directive where it appears. (As used in this document)

As used in this order, refers to a release of an individual from portions of a training program through prior education, experience, evaluation of work products,
training, and/or testing that is determined using a DOE approved procedure.

Standard Forms (SFs) and Optional Forms (OFs) are approved by GSA, prescribed for use in the Federal government, and do not require additional DOE approval. GSA approval is required for an agency to change the printing or format of an SF or OF or the content of an SF.

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