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A release from one or more requirements of an DOE O 225.1B. Exemptions are processed in the same manner as equivalencies.

A release from compliance with one or more requirements in a directive, as granted by the exempting organization’s Head of the Departmental Element.

Exemptions may apply to Federal personnel and/or contractors. For Federal Personnel, an exemption is formal and final relief from the need to comply with applicable requirements of DOE regulations and directives. For contractors, an exemption is a formal and final release from a provision in a DOE Order, Notice, or Manual that has been included in their contract; or from one or more requirements in a Regulation. Processes for obtaining approval for exemptions to 10 CFR 830 are found in 10 CFR 820; related guidance is provided in DOE STD 1083. Processes for obtaining approval to exemptions to DOE Orders, Notices and Manuals are either included in the Directive or are found in DOE M 251.1-1B (DOE M 251.1 1B and 10 CFR 820)

The release from one or more requirements in a directive. Unless specified otherwise in the directive, Exemptions are granted, in consultation with the OPI, by the Program Secretarial Officer or their designee, or in the case of the NNSA, by the Administrator or designee, and documented for the OPI in a memorandum. For those directives listed in Attachment 1 of DOE O 410.1, CTA concurrences are required prior to the granting of exemptions.

A relief from one or more requirements in this Order. An exemption to provisions of this Order is granted in writing by the DOE CO for DOE elements or the NNSA CO for NNSA elements.

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