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Program Secretarial Officer(s) (PSO)

Heads of DOE Departmental Elements listed on the Office of Management website.

The head of a Program office which has responsibility for specific facilities, e.g., Environmental Management, Nuclear Energy, Science, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, or Fossil Energy.

Head of a Departmental Element who has responsibility for a specific program or facility(ies). These include the Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs; the Assistant Secretaries for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Environmental Management, and Fossil Energy; and the Directors of the Offices of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management, Science, and Nuclear Energy; and (2) a Cognizant Secretarial Officer is a DOE official at the Assistant Secretary level who is responsible for the assignment of work, the institutional overview of any type of facility, or both, and the management oversight of a laboratory.

The Federal head of a major DOE Headquarters line program, as identified in the most current edition of the Department’s Executive Secretariat Style Guide.

Headquarters Assistant Secretaries, Deputy Administrators, and Directors who have management responsibility for program planning, budgeting, and execution of DOE/NNSA mission program activities.For purposes of this Order, the PSO funds work at a particular site or laboratory via a “customer” relationship with the field element.

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