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DOE O 227.1A Chg 1 (AdminChg), Independent Oversight Program

To prescribe the requirements and responsibilities for the Department of Energy (DOE) Independent Oversight Program. The DOE Independent Oversight Program is implemented by the Office of Enterprise Assessments (EA). EA is an independent office within DOE in that it has no line management or policy-making responsibilities or authorities. The Independent Oversight Program comprises one element of DOE's multi-faceted approach to oversight as described in DOE P 226.2, Policy for Federal Oversight and Contractor Assurance Systems, current version. Effective oversight, including independent oversight, of DOE federal and contractor operations is an integral part of the Department's responsibility as a self-regulating agency to provide assurance of its safety and security posture to its leadership, its workers, and the public. Supersedes DOE O 227.1A, Independent Oversight Program, dated 12-21-2015.

DOE O 227.1A AdmChg1.pdf -- PDF Document, 245 KB

Writer: Eric Nicoll
  • Administration
  • Safety
ID: DOE O 227.1A Chg 1 (AdminChg)
Type: Order
OPI: EA - Office of Independent Enterprise Assessment
Status: Current
Approved Date: Dec 21, 2015
Last Update: Jan 21, 2020
CRD: Yes
Invoking Directive: No
Independent Oversight Program
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Pursuant to Executive Order 12333, with respect to intelligence-related activities of the Director, Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, this Order applies only to information protection (including related physical security measures) and cyber security measures.

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