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An employee whose position is not listed as an exempt position on the Office of the Assistant General Counsel for General law webpage, or falls into one of the nonexempt categories of paragraph 4h.

Any current DOE/NNSA federal or contractor employee working for or supporting a DOE or NNSA project. For purposes of this Order, references to “contractor employees” includes contractor and subcontractor employees.

As used in this Order and in the DPO process means any person working for DOE, including NNSA, or a DOE contractor or subcontractor, on a DOE project.

For the purposes of this Order, according to the definition in the National Insider Threat Policy; specifically, a person, other than the President and Vice President, employed by, detailed or assigned to, a department or agency, including members of the Armed Forces; an expert or consultant to a department or agency; an industrial or commercial contractor, licensee, certificate holder, or grantee of a department or agency, including all subcontractors; a personal services contractor; or any other category of person who acts for or on behalf of a department or agency as determined by the appropriate department or agency head.

An individual currently employed in a Federal Agency including a current member of the Armed Forces or a Reserve of the Armed Forces.

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