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DOE O 470.4B Admin Chg 1, Safeguards and Security Program

Functional areas: Administrative Change, Safeguards, Security, and Emergency Management, Safety, Safety and Security, Security

The order establishes responsibilities and program planning and management requirements for the Safeguards and Security Program. Admin Chg 1, dated 2-15-13, supersedes DOE O 470.4B. Superseded by DOE O 470.4B Chg 2 (MinChg)

o470.4badmchg1.pdf -- PDF Document, 1.47 MB

Writer: Marc Brooks
  • Management and Operations
  • Safety
  • Security
ID: DOE O 470.4B Admin Chg 1
Type: Order
OPI: HS - Office of Health, Safety and Security
Status: Archive
Approved Date: Jul 21, 2011
Last Update: Feb 15, 2013
CRD: Yes
Invoking Directive: No
Safeguards and Security Program
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Kansas City Plant

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Regina Loy says:
Apr 21, 2014 08:03 AM

In DOE Order 470.4B, there is a link to the DOE SECON Quick Reference Tool :

This link is no longer functional; instead of going to the intended page, the user is redirected to the HSS page at:
with a message stating, “The HSS web presence has moved to a new address at You will be rerouted to the new address momentarily, or you may click the link.”

No reference to the SECON program is found on this page, and searches for “SECON” or “SECON Quick Reference” do not produce the missing document.

Can you tell me where to find this document now?

Thank you.

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