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DOE O 331.1D Chg 2 (LtdChg), Employee Performance Management and Recognition Program

To establish requirements and responsibilities for the administration of the performance management and recognition program for non-Senior Executive Service (SES), non-Senior Level (SL), and non-Scientific or Professional (ST) employees. To improve individual and organizational performance, enhance program effectiveness, and ensure accountability by focusing on results, service quality and customer satisfaction, by aligning critical elements with organizational goals and the Department of Energy's (DOE) Strategic Plan. Supersedes DOE O 331.1D Chg 1 (MinChg), dated 7-19-18.

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Writer: Tiffany Wheeler
  • Administration
  • Human Resources
ID: DOE O 331.1D Chg 2 (LtdChg)
Type: Order
OPI: HC - Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer
Status: Current
Approved Date: Dec 16, 2016
Last Update: Oct 13, 2023
Invoking Directive: No
Employee Performance Management and Recognition Program
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This directive does not apply to Experts and Consultants appointed under 5 U.S.C. 3109. National Nuclear Security Administration employees. Employees in Senior Executive Service (SES) and Senior Level (SL) and Scientific or Professional (ST) positions. The annual appraisal period for BPA non-supervisory General Schedule (GS), hourly non management negotiated pay (BB), hourly leader negotiated pay (BL), and hourly supervisory negotiated pay (BS) employees. Administrative Law Judges who are not eligible for performance ratings, monetary or honorary awards. (e) The performance award, non-performance-based monetary awards, and performance-based pay increase determinations and limits for certain Excepted Service employees serviced by the Office of Corporate Executive Management.

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