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Transclassified Foreign Nuclear Information

Information concerning the atomic energy programs of other nations that has been removed from the Restricted Data category for use by the intelligence community and is safeguarded as NSI under E.O. 13526. Documents marked as containing TFNI are excluded from the automatic declassification provisions of the Order until the TFNI designation is properly removed by the Department of Energy.

Classified information concerning the nuclear energy programs of other nations (including subnational entities) removed from the RD category under section 142(e) of the Atomic Energy Act after the DOE and the Director of National Intelligence jointly determine that it is necessary to carry out intelligence-related activities under the provisions of the National Security Act of 1947, as amended, and that it can be adequately safeguarded as National Security Information. This includes information removed from the RD category by past joint determinations between DOE and the CIA. TFNI does not include information transferred to the United States under an Agreement for Cooperation under the Atomic Energy Act or any other agreement or treaty in which the United States agrees to protect classified information.

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