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Life-Cycle Costs

The sum total of all direct, indirect, recurring, nonrecurring and other related costs incurred or estimated to be incurred in the planning, design, development, procurement, production, operations and maintenance, support, recapitalization and final disposition of real property over its anticipated life span for every aspect of the program, regardless of funding source.

The overall estimated cost for a particular program alternative over the time period corresponding to the life of the program, including direct and indirect initial costs plus any periodic or continuing costs of operation and maintenance.

The total cost to the Government of acquiring, operating, supporting, and (if applicable) disposing of the items being acquired.

The sum total of the direct, indirect, recurring, nonrecurring, and other related costs incurred or estimated to be incurred in the design, development, production, operation, maintenance, support, and final disposition of a major system over its anticipated useful life span. Where system or project planning anticipates use of existing sites or facilities, restoration and refurbishment costs should be included.

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