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Any activity with respect to:

a. Disposal of temporary records no longer needed for the conduct of business by destruction or donation.

b. Transfer of records to Federal agency storage facilities or records centers.

c. Transfer to the National Archives of the United States of records determined to have sufficient historical or other value to warrant continued preservation.

d. Transfer of records from one Federal agency to any other Federal agency. [44 U.S.C. 2901(5)].

The process of preparing for and/or placing nuclear materials in their life-cycle end state. Disposition may include consumption in DOE or non-DOE programs, transfer or sale to domestic or foreign programs, storage, or disposal as waste.

Those activities that follow completion of program missions, including but not limited to, preparation for reuse, surveillance, maintenance, deactivation, decommissioning, and long-term stewardship. DOE O 430.1C provides implementation guidance for requirements specific to the disposition and long-term stewardship of contaminated, excess facilities.

Those activities that follow generation of a waste and which constitute completion of the life cycle of management of the waste, including, but not limited to, stabilization, deactivation, disposal, decommissioning, dismantlement, and/or reuse.

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