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Emplacement of waste in a manner that assures isolation from the biosphere with little or no maintenance and with little or no intent of retrieval, and which requires deliberate and detectable action to gain access after emplacement.

Final placement or destruction of toxic, radioactive, or other waste, surplus or banned pesticides or other chemicals, polluted soils and drums containing hazardous materials from removal actions or accidental releases. Disposal may be accomplished through use of approved, secure, regulated landfills, surface impoundments, land farming, deep well injection or incineration.

Permanent transfer of DOE control and custody of real property assets to a third party who thereby acquires rights to control, use, or relinquish the property.

Emplacement of waste in a manner that ensures protection of the public, workers, and the environment with no intent of retrieval and that requires deliberate action to regain access to the waste.

There are two types of disposal that could be associated with construction and remediation type projects. Includes regular construction debris as well as hazardous waste that must be disposed of.

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