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Continuity of Operations Plan

A plan that details how an individual organization will ensure it can continue to perform its essential functions during a wide range of emergencies.

a. DOE COOP Plan—also known as the Department of Energy (DOE)/National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Continuity of Operations Plan, is a Department-wide plan that documents and describes the Department’s COOP Program, provides implementation process and procedures for the Department in a continuity event, and provides guidance to the Department’s field elements on the development and implementation of their own COOP programs.

b. Program Secretarial Office (PSO)/Staff Office/Field Element COOP Plan—a type of COOP plan that each PSO, staff office, and field element develops to implement their COOP office program. COOP plans work in concert with the DOE COOP Plan. The COOP plan provides the planning and direction to the specific office about what needs to be done in a continuity event.

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