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Directives Review Board

Departmental Elements Oversight of Departmental Requirements

Members Organizations Represented                                                              
Ingrid Kolb, Chair Office of Management (MA)
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CF)
  • Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs (CI)
  • Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis (EPSA)
  • Office of Inspector General (IG)
  • Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence (IN)
  • Office of International Affairs (IA)
  • Office of Public Affairs (PA)
  • Energy Information Administration (EIA)
  • Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
  • Southeastern Power Administration (SEPA)
  • Western Area Power Administration (WAPA)
  • Southwestern Power Administration (SWPA)

Office of the Under Secretary for Management and Performance (S3)

  • Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (HC)
  • Office of the Chief Information Officer (IM)
  • Office of Economic Impact and Diversity (ED)
  • Office of Hearings and Appeals (HG)
  • Office of Legacy Management (LM)
  • Office of Project Management Oversight and Assessments (PM)

Office of the Under Secretary for Science and Energy (S4)

  • Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE)
  • Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EE)
  • Office of Fossil Energy (FE)
  • Office of Nuclear Energy (NE)

Pat Cahalane

Frank Lowery

Office of the Under Secretary for Nuclear Security (S5)

  • National Nuclear Security Administration (NA)
Andrew Lawrence Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security (AU)
Mark Gilbertson Office of Environmental Management (EM)
Daniel Cohen Office of General Counsel (GC)

Joe McBrearty/Juston Fontaine

Office of Science (SC)
Roger Snyder Field Management Council (FMC; Advisory Member)
Mike Schlender National Laboratory Directors Council (NLDC; Advisory Member)

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