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New: DOE P 411.2B, DOE Scientific Integrity Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to provide instruction and guidance aimed at enhancing and promoting the culture of scientific integrity at DOE. The intent of this Policy is to ensure the integrity of all aspects of scientific activities, including but not limited to proposing, conducting, reviewing, managing, and using the results of scientific work. Through its application, the Policy is meant to strengthen the actual and perceived credibility of the Federal Government and all Federal Government sponsored research by protecting the scientific process; using science to support the decision-making process; ensuring accountability; protecting the professional development of researchers; ensuring that advice by Federal Advisory Committees (FAC) remains reliable and objective; ensuring the free flow of scientific and technical information consistent with privacy and classification standards and applicable laws, regulations, and DOE Orders and Policies; and establishing principles for conveying scientific and technological information among scientists, engineers, and the public. Supersedes DOE P 411.2A, dated 1-4-2017.

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