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NEW - DOE O 422.1 Admin Chg 2, Conduct of Operations

The objective of this Order is to define the requirements for establishing and implementing Conduct of Operations Programs at Department of Energy (DOE), including National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), facilities and projects. A Conduct of Operations Program consists of formal documentation, practices, and actions implementing disciplined and structured operations that support mission success and promote worker, public, and environmental protection. The goal is to minimize the likelihood and consequences of human fallibility or technical and organizational system failures. Conduct of Operations is one of the safety management programs recognized in the Nuclear Safety Rule [Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 830, Nuclear Safety Management], but it also supports safety and mission success for a wide range of hazardous, complex, or mission-critical operations, and some conduct of operations attributes can enhance even routine operations. It supports the Integrated Safety Management (ISM) System by providing concrete techniques and practices to implement the ISM Core Functions of Develop and Implement Hazard Controls and Perform Work Within Controls. It may be implemented through facility policies, directives, plans, and safety management systems and need not be a stand-alone program.

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