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New: DOE G 413.3-12A, Front-End Planning and Project Definition Rating Index for Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Constructions Projects

This guide provides the Department of Energy (DOE) federal project directors (FPD) and integrated project teams (IPT) with the information, methodologies, and tools to perform effective front-end project planning before establishing a performance baseline (PB) at Critical Decision (CD)-2. This includes a discussion of tools to include in the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) to assess whether the IPT has developed key elements critical to a mature project scope definition. Within this guide, the acronym PDRI will be used generically for all tools, whether CII PDRI for Industrial Projects version 5.1 which incorporates the PDRI Maturity and Accuracy Total Rating System (PDRI MATRS), or DOE developed tools based on PDRI.

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