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DPC Resources

This section contains DPC Resources and Responsibilities


DPC Contact Directives Points of Contact 

Updated listing of contact information for DOE Headquarters, field, and contractor DPCs.


DPC ResponsibilityDPC Responsibilities 


All DPCs are responsible for:

    • Serving as a liaison between their organization and the Directives Program
    • Disseminating changes in the Directives Program
    • Assigning subject matter experts to review and comment on directives
    • Creating a username and password for each delegate in RevCom
    • Setting internal deadlines for receiving comments on directives
    • Consolidating their organizations' comments, ensuring that there are no duplicate or internal conflicting comments
    • Acting as a facilitator to resolve conflicting comments before submitting the comment package
    • Ensuring that comments submitted by their organization are approved by the SO or designee
    • Submitting comment packages on time
    • Ensuring that delegates and subject matter experts concur or non-concur on the writer's responses in a timely manner

HQ DPCs are also responsible for:

    • Ensuring that any concurrence package submitted by their organization is approved by the SO or designee
    • Forwarding non-concurrence submissions to their respective Directives Review Board representative
    • Assisting writers in their organization by providing advice and guidance on the Directives Program
    • Remaining cognizant of their organizations' directives and changes in directives writers and providing MA-90 up-to-date information about those changes


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