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DOE O 5840.20 Chg 1, Personnel Selection, Qualification, Training, and Staffing Requirements at DOE Reactor and Non-Reactor Nuclear Facilities

Functional areas: Personnel, Training, Non-Reactor Nuclear Facilities

To establish the selection, qualification, training, and staffing requirements for personnel involved in the operation, maintenance, and technical support of Department of Energy-owned (DOE-owned) Category A and B reactors and non-reactor nuclear facilities to assure that: (a) Qualification programs are developed and implemented in an effective and reliable manner consistent with the hazard involved and the risk associated with the operation; (b) Qualification programs promote an awareness of the risks involved and a level of proficiency consistent with assigned tasks; and (c) All persons are qualified to carry out their assigned responsibilities.

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ID: DOE O 5840.20 Chg 1
Type: Order
OPI: NE - Office of Nuclear Energy
Status: Archive
Approved Date: Jun 19, 1991
Last Update: Jun 19, 1991
Invoking Directive: No

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