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DOE P 485.1A, Foreign Engagements with DOE National Laboratories

Functional areas: Foreign Engagements, Foreign Entities, Partnerships

International research collaboration and the openness of the U.S. scientific community continue to be a bedrock for U.S. scientific research and technological development. For this reason, the Department is committed to making DOE National Laboratories available to non-DOE entities, including foreign entities, provided such work is consistent with or complementary to the missions of DOE and the laboratory to which the work is to be assigned, and does not impede the laboratory’s ability to successfully accomplish its DOE missions. Supersedes DOE P 485.1, dated 1-19-2017.

p485.1A.pdf -- PDF Document, 225 KB

Writer: John LaBarge
  • Administration
  • Management and Operations
  • Security
ID: DOE P 485.1A
Type: Policy
OPI: SC - Office of Science
Status: Current
Approved Date: Dec 13, 2019
Last Update: Dec 13, 2019
Invoking Directive: No

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