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DOE G 413.3-23, Nuclear Facilities Commissioning

This guide addresses best practices for planning and executing the commissioning of equipment, components, structures, and systems comprising nuclear facilities. The best practices in this guide come from recent lessons learned from nuclear construction projects. The Department of Energy (DOE) has restarted or started up nearly 200 nuclear facilities since 1992. Projects that follow this non-mandatory guidance will have a thorough, carefully planned process for confirming that nuclear facilities conform to design requirements thus increasing the likelihood that they will perform as intended following the introduction of radioactive materials.

DOE G 413.3-23.pdf -- PDF Document, 896 KB

Writer: Melvin Frank
  • Administration
  • Procurement
ID: DOE G 413.3-23
Type: Guide
OPI: PM - Office of Project Management Oversight and Assessments
Status: Current
Approved Date: Aug 30, 2019
Last Update: Aug 30, 2019
Invoking Directive: No

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