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DOE O 413.2C, Laboratory Directed Research and Development

Functional areas: Research and Development, Laboratories,

To establish Department of Energy (DOE) requirements for laboratory directed research and development (LDRD) while providing the laboratory director broad flexibility for program implementation. Supersedes DOE O 413.2B. Superseded by DOE O 413.2C Chg1 (MinChg)

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Writer: rames
  • Administration
  • Management and Operations
ID: DOE O 413.2C
Type: Order
OPI: SC - Office of Science
Status: Archive
Approved Date: Oct 22, 2015
Last Update: Oct 22, 2015
CRD: Yes
Invoking Directive: No
Laboratory Directed Research and Development
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Linda T. Ambroso says:
Nov 20, 2017 05:38 PM
I am new to DOE and work at the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Pittsburgh, a Govt.-owned, GOVERNMENT-operated (GOGO) lab. I am reading the subject directive and would like to know why GOGO Directors do not have LDRD authority (only GOCOs do). Thank you.
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