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Types of Directives


  • Establish high level expectations in the conduct of the Department's mission impacting two or more Departmental elements.
  • May be issued through memoranda by the Secretary or Deputy Secretary.
  • Provide the Secretary's direction for Orders, Guides and Technical Standards.
  • Remain in effect until canceled by Secretary or Deputy Secretary.


  • Requirements documents developed and processed in the Departmental Directives Program, and approved by the Secretary or Deputy Secretary.
  • Establish management objectives, requirements, and assignments of responsibilities for DOE Federal employees consistent with the law, policy, and regulations applicable to DOE.
  • If requirements for contractors are necessary, they are included in Attachment 1, known as the contractors requirements document (CRD).


  • Dictate how Federal and Contractor employees are to implement requirements.
  • Are being phased out and canceled or are converted to or incorporated into Orders, as appropriate. Manuals will be be revised and no new Manuals will be created.


  • Provide acceptable, but not mandatory, means for complying with requirements included in Orders and Manuals that may have not yet been phased out. Guides must be associated with a directive or a rule.
  • Do not impose requirements, but may quote requirements if the sources are adequately cited. 

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