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Concurrence Review Process

3.3 Concurrence Review Process


The concurrence review process allows organizations to understand the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) rationale for canceling the directive. After the Directive Point of Contacts (DPCs) provide a concurrence determination for their organization, the report will be provided to the DRB for a final determination. The DRB provides the final recommendation for approval to the Deputy Secretary.


Once approved by the Directives Review Board (DRB), the directive proposed for cancelation will be uploaded into the RevCom system along with the any supporting documents. The Directives Program will then send a notification of the review to the DPCs.

Once alerted, the AOs or their DPC will use the RevCom system to review the directive. This review is for final concurrence. The DPCs will either concur with the cancelation or non-concur and provide the rationale for their decision. No additional comments on the directive will be accepted.

Once all organizations have submitted responses, the Directives Program will notify the OPR that the review is complete.

If there are non-concurrences, the OPR is expected to work with the objecting organization in an effort to reach a resolution. If resolution cannot be reached, the Impasse Process (sub-process 3.4) will begin.

If full concurrence was reached, the Directives Program will notify the DRB and request final approval. Once all DRB members have concurred, the Directives Program will work with the OPR to draft the Approval memo and Action Synopsis.

3.3.1 Concurrence Flowchart

Concurrence Review


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