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Delegations of Authority to the Office of the Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs (NNSA)

Redelegation from the Associate Administrator for Management and Administration to the Head of the Office of Security Transportation (OST)

Redelegation No.To
00-003.02-01 Head of Office of Secure Transportation (OST)

Redelegation from Jeffrey Johnson, Chief, Defense Nuclear Security as Cognizant Security Authority to the Assistant Deputy Administrator for Secure Transportation

Redelegation No.To

NNSA Cognizant Security Offices and Officially Designated Federal Security Authority (ODFSA) for:

  • Deputy Administrator for Naval Reactors
  • Director, Office of Nuclear Incident Response
  • Assistant Deputy Administrator for Secure Transportation
  • Manager, Kansas Field Office
  • Manager, Livermore Field Office
  • Manager, Los Alamos Field Office
  • Manager, Nevada Field Office
  • Manager, NNSA Production Office
  • Manager, Sandia Field Office
  • Manager, Savannah Field Office

Organization Chart

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