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CM, Certification for DOE O 435.1 Chg 1 and DOE M 435.1-1 Chg 1

DOE O 435.1 Chg 1, Radioactive Waste Management and DOE M 435.1-1 Chg 1, Radioactive Waste Management Manual have been reviewed by Environmental Management and is deemed to be in compliance with related Departmental Directives, Secretarial Delegation, organizational structure, budget guidelines, rules, regulations, standards, OMB guidance, relevant memorandums of understanding and public laws.

M435.1-1 1-9-07.pdf -- PDF Document, 220 KB

Writer: rsmith
    ID: CM
    Type: Certification Memo
    OPI: MA - Office of Management
    Status: Archive
    Approved Date: Jan 09, 2007
    CRD: No
    Invoking Directive: No

    There are no exemptions listed for this document.

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