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Total Estimated Cost

For a construction project, the capital cost of land, and land rights; engineering, design, and inspection; direct and indirect construction; and initial equipment necessary to place the facility in operation.

All engineering design costs (after conceptual design), facility construction costs and other costs specifically related to those construction efforts. TEC will include, but is not limited to: project, design and construction management; contract modifications (to include equitable adjustments) resulting in changes to these costs; design; construction; contingency; contractor support directly related to design and construction; and equipment rental and refurbishment.

An estimate of the total cost of a task, demonstration, or program. The total estimated cost differs from a planning estimate in that it is based on definitive information regarding technical scope, contracting methods, schedule, and resource requirements. As such, once a task is approved, its total estimated cost is baselined and becomes subject to change control procedures.

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