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That area delimited by the United States in the relevant design information for a facility, including a closed-down facility, and in the relevant information on a location outside facilities, including a closed-down location outside facilities (that is limited to locations with hot cells or where activities related to conversion, enrichment, fuel fabrication or reprocessing were carried out); all installations, co-located with a facility or site, for the provision or use of essential services, including hot cells for processing irradiated materials not containing nuclear material; installations for treatment, storage and disposal of waste; and buildings associated with specified items identified by the United States. [Additional Protocol, article 2a(iv)]

The area over which the Department has access control authority.

A geographic area owned or leased by or for the Federal Government for the performance of DOE program activities. The term includes any buildings, trailers, infrastructure, land, or other improvements.

A geographic entity comprising leased or owned land, buildings, and other structures required to perform program activities.

A geographical area consisting of a DOE-controlled land area including DOE-owned facilities (e.g., the Nevada National Security Site).

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