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Secretarial Officer

Secretarial Officers are the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and Under Secretaries; and the Assistant Secretaries and Staff Office Directors reporting to the Secretary either directly or through the Deputy Secretary or Under Secretary. The following designations are also used to identify Secretarial Officers with specific responsibilities in various areas:

a. A Program Secretarial Officer (PSO) is an Assistant Secretary, Office Director, or NNSA Deputy Administrator. In the context of field operations, a PSO funds

b. work at a particular site, facility or laboratory and is a “customer” of the field office.

c. A Lead Program Secretarial Officer (LPSO) is a PSO to whom designated field offices directly report and who has overall landlord responsibilities for the assigned direct reporting elements.

d. A Cognizant Secretarial Officer (CSO) is a term used in the context of field operations to designate a PSO, not the LPSO, who is responsible for a laboratory or bounded set of facilities within a field office’s jurisdiction.

The head of a first-tier organization; a DOE Headquarters employee reporting directly to the Secretary, the Under Secretary, or the Deputy Secretary.

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