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Safety Analysis Report for Packaging (SARP)

A safety document (application) prepared by a Departmental element or contractors that describes and evaluates the proposed packaging and contents to be reviewed by appropriate DOE elements or NNSA elements, and serves as the basis for DOE CO or NNSA CO issuing a Certificate of Compliance. A SARP contains nine chapters: Chapter 1 General Information, Chapter 2 Structural Evaluation, Chapter 3 Thermal Evaluation, Chapter 4 Containment, Chapter 5 Shielding Evaluation, Chapter 6 Criticality Evaluation, Chapter 7 Package Operations, Chapter 8 Acceptance Tests and Maintenance Programs, and Chapter 9 Quality Assurance.

A document that follows NRC Regulatory Guide 7.9, as amended by NNSA CO guidance, that demonstrates the package complies with 10 CFR Part 71.

A document that conforms to NRC Regulatory Guide 7.9 and provides a comprehensive technical evaluation of a package. The SARP consists of sections containing general information; structural, thermal, containment, shielding, and criticality evaluations; operating procedures; acceptance tests; and maintenance and quality assurance programs. The purpose of the SARP is to demonstrate conformity with the applicable sections of 10 CFR Part 71 and 49 CFR Parts 171-180.

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