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Program, Project, or Activity (PPA)

A general term applied to refer to all program activities funded by congress through the annual appropriation process. Typically, congressionally funded major programs and projects are delineated in the detailed tables within the conference reports accompanying enacted appropriations bills and constitute obligational control levels for execution.

a. These PPAs are also reflected on the DOE congressional base table. Congress may elect to appropriate, authorize, or otherwise control programmatic activities at a higher or lower level of detail. For example, within the Science appropriation, the High Energy Physics program has multiple, operating expense PPAs or subprograms while the Biological and Environmental Research program has only one.

b. PPAs also refer to the myriad of detailed program activities funded within the major programs and projects reflected in the conference reports. These activities are delineated in the detailed budget submission justifications as presented to and subsequently adjusted by congress. For example, House Energy and Water Development subcommittee guidance on reprogramming uses PPA when referring to activities described in the Department’s detailed budget submission that are at lower levels of detail. In this context, PPA refers to those funded activities below the major programs and projects delineated in the conference report and congressional base table.

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