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Packaging and Transportation

Packaging and Transportation activities/functions include:

a. Packaging - Activities related to the design, manufacture, and qualification of packaging represented as qualified for use in the transportation of hazardous materials;

b. Pre-transportation functions;

c. Transportation functions (movement of hazardous materials and loading, unloading, and storage incidental to the movement); and

d. Shipping in accordance with applicable international, Federal, state, local, and tribal laws, rules, and regulations governing materials transportation that are consistent with Federal regulations (e.g., 10 CFR Parts 830, 835 and 49 CFR Parts 171-180) and DOE Packaging and Transportation Directives (e.g., DOE Order 460.1, Hazardous Materials Packaging and Transportation Safety, current version; DOE Order 460.2A, Departmental Materials Transportation and Packaging Management, current version; DOE Manual 460.2-1, Radioactive material Transportation Practices Manual, current version; DOE Order 461.1, Packaging and Transportation for Offsite Shipment of Materials of National Security Interest, current version; and 10 CFR Part 830, Nuclear Safety Management).

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