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An activity necessary to keep an asset functioning as designed during its operations and maintenance phase of a project. Maintenance costs include costs needed to sustain an IT asset at the current capability and performance levels including: corrective hardware/software, voice and data communications maintenance, replacement of damaged or obsolete IT equipment, and associated overhead costs. Examples of maintenance projects include operating system upgrades, technology refreshes, and security patch implementations.

Work required to preserve property in a condition suitable for its designated purpose including inspection, adjustment, lubrication, cleaning, and selective part replacement of components. It includes preventive and predictive maintenance.

a. Predictive Maintenance (PrM). Those activities involving continuous or periodic monitoring and diagnosis to forecast component degradation or anticipate failure so that “as needed” maintenance can be scheduled.

b. Preventive Maintenance (PM). Those periodic and planned actions taken to maintain a piece of equipment within design operating conditions, maintain its service life, and performed before or to prevent equipment failure.

c. Maintenance work and costs do not include the following.

(1) Regularly scheduled janitorial work such as cleaning, and preserving facilities and equipment.

(2) Work performed in relocating or installing partitions, office furniture, and other associated activities.

(3) Work usually associated with the removal, moving, and placement of equipment.

(4) Work aimed at expanding the capacity of an asset or otherwise upgrading it to serve needs different from or significantly greater than those originally intended.

(5) Improvement work performed directly by in-house workers or in support of construction contractors accomplishing an improvement.

(6) Work performed on special projects not directly in support of maintenance or construction.

(7) Non-maintenance roads and grounds work such as grass cutting and street sweeping.

Day-to-day work, including preventive and predictive maintenance, that is required to maintain and preserve plant and capital equipment in a condition suitable for it to be used for its designated purpose.

The proactive and reactive day-to-day work that is required to maintain and preserve facilities and associated SSCs in a condition suitable for performing their designed purpose. It includes periodic (preventive, predictive, or seasonal) and corrective maintenance.

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