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Conceptual Safety Design Report (CSDR)

A Conceptual Safety Design Report is developed to:

  •  document and establish a preliminary inventory of hazardous materials, including radioactive materials and chemicals;
  • document and establish the preliminary hazard categorization of the facility;
  • identify and analyze primary facility hazards and facility Design Basis Accidents;
  • provide an initial determination, based on preliminary hazard analysis, of Safety Class and safety significant structures, systems, and components (SSC);
  • include a preliminary assessment of the appropriate Seismic Design Category for the facility itself, as well as the safety significant structures, systems, and components;
  • evaluate the security hazards that can impact the facility safety basis (if applicable); and;
  • include a commitment to the nuclear safety design criteria of DOE O 420.1B, Facility Safety, (or proposed alternative criteria).
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