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Complete Design

In the context of this Order, complete design is the compilation of design information revealing materials, masses, dimensions, contours and specifications in sufficient detail to enable a nuclear weapon to be copied or constructed and includes:

(1) Classified graphical depictions with accompanying technical details regarding dimensions, materials and mass data that would enable reconstruction of the engineering drawings.

(2) Design drawings for Nuclear Explosive-Like Assemblies (NELAs) that identify the specific material difference for the corresponding design.

Note 1: Complete design applies equally to a single stage device and the individual devices (primary or secondary) of a thermonuclear device.

Note 2: While visual access alone to classified displays, 3-D trainers, weapon components or NELAs would be of value to a proliferant, it neither constitutes nor requires access to Sigma 18.

Note 3: Only the compilation of documents that meet the criteria of Sigma 18 need to be marked Sigma 18. When separated, the individual documents are not Sigma 18 and do not need to be marked Sigma 18, but do need to be protected at the appropriate level of classification of the original information.

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