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A phase of an accelerator facility operation that is typically used to conduct beam testing and to verify specifications in a new or designed functional mode. Commissioning periods may be tailored to the needs of each facility and there may be great variations in their duration, breadth, and formality, but in all cases the activities will be bounded by an ASE and preceded by an ARR. At its conclusion, the accelerator is ready for performance of an ARR for routine operations, or directly for routine operations if the ARRs were part of the commissioning process.

A systematic process (i) of ensuring, using appropriate verification and documentation, during the period beginning on the initial day of the design phase of the facility and ending not earlier than 1 year after the date of completion of construction of the facility, that all facility systems perform interactively in accordance with— ‘‘(I) the design documentation and intent of the facility; and ‘‘(II) the operational needs of the owner of the facility, including preparation of operation personnel; and ‘‘(ii) the primary goal of which is to ensure fully functional systems that can be properly operated and maintained during the useful life of the facility. [42 U.S. Code § 8253]

a. Recommissioning. A process (i) of commissioning a facility or system beyond the project development and warranty phases of the facility or system; and ‘‘(ii) the primary goal of which is to ensure optimum performance of a facility, in accordance with design or current operating needs, over the useful life of the facility, while meeting building occupancy requirements.

b. Retro commissioning. A process of commissioning a facility or system that was not commissioned at the time of construction of the facility or system.

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