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Welcome Emily Stanton

Welcome Emily Stanton as the Department's new Directives, Delegations and Datacalls Program Manager. Emily joined the Office of Information Resources on October 19, 2015.  She previously worked for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)'s Policy and Analysis Division in the Office of Business Operations where she served as NNSA's Directives Point of Contact, interfacing with NNSA organizations and working through RevCom issues.  She also collaborated with writers, Subject Matter Experts and policy implementers at both Headquarters and in the field to improve, enhance and streamline the policy process in both NNSA and DOE.  She assisted NNSA's Directives Review Board (DRB) representative with all Board proceedings.  She also worked on delegations of authority and datacalls for NNSA.  It is our pleasure to have her on our MA-90 team.

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