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Recently Approved Justification Memoranda

The following approved Justification Memos have been added to the DOE Directives Portal:

Notice of Intent to Revise DOE O 452.8, Control of Nuclear Weapon Data
An update is necessary to bring the Order into alignment with current requirements and procedures.

Notice of Intent to Revise DOE O 221.1A, Reporting Fraud, Waste and Abuse to the Office of Inspector General
It is necessary to update the current version of this directive due to a lack of consistent application and understanding of its provisions

Notice of Intent to Revise DOE O 426.1 Chg 1, Federal Technical Capability
The change is intended to incorporate the latest insights; lessons learned; and changes in organization and authorities into this directive, thereby ensuring its effectiveness through continuing improvement.

Notice of Intent to Develop a Page Change for DOE O 474.2 Chg 3, Nuclear Material Control and Accountability
The change will be limited in scope to correct language requiring Office of Nuclear Materials Integration (ONMI) to be an approver for termination of safeguards for all sites.

Notice of Intent to Submit Page Changes to Revise DOE O 552.1A, Travel Policy and Procedures
A page-change is being undertaken to reflect changes in responsibilities brought about by the August 2013 reorganization which transferred travel related functions and systems between the Office of Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) and the Office of Management (MA).

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