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DRAFT - DOE O 470.3C, Design Basis Threat (DBT) Policy

The DBT Policy (formerly Graded Security Protection (GSP) Policy) establishes intelligence community informed security performance metrics but is not a threat statement or an intelligence assessment. The policy is designed to represent a stable set of goals for the planning and implementation of Departmental safeguards and security programs for the next 3 - 5 years. The policy embodies risk management by defining the parameters of credible threats that must be addressed, further adjustments to Department-wide performance standards may be justified by specific site and/or mission imperatives. DOE’s security risk management philosophy is based on establishing and maintaining a graded approach and defense-in-depth safeguards and security program. Several factors were identified during the 2015 GSP annual review which highlighted the need to update the policy in terms of the risk management considerations, which include the consequence posed by the loss, theft, and/or unauthorized use of an asset; intelligence pertaining to current and future objectives and characteristics of adversaries. The 2008 GSP policy is beyond the predicated intelligence life-cycle and requires a revision.

Copies are being furnished to Safeguards and Security managers throughout the complex. Other individuals who wish to review this draft should contact the Lead Writer, Mr. Gary White, to arrange for delivery. Mr. White will need to verify your security clearance and capability to receive and store classified material, and need-to-know. Mr. White can be contacted at (301)903-6874 or via email to The entire document can be provided to your NESAN/CLAN email account or to an approved classified mailing address.

Please assure that any comments you wish to submit have been reviewed by an Authorized Derivative Classifier (ADC) and that they are transmitted to Mr. White in compliance with appropriate security requirements in the event that your comments are determined to contain official use only or classified information. Mr. White will consolidate comments from each program/staff office and work with the appropriate Directives Point of Contact (DPC), or other designated official within your program/staff office if the DPC does not have the requisite security clearance, to assure that a consensus set of comments is submitted from each program/staff office.

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