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JM DOE P 434.1A, Notice of Intent to Revise Department of Energy Policy 434.1A, Conduct and Approval of Select Agent and Toxin Work at Department of Energy Sites

A new United States Government (USG) policy for institutional oversight of life sciences dual use research of concern (DURC) became effective September 24, 2015. This policy is complementary to the March 2012 USG Policy for DURC and addresses institutional oversight of DURC for federally funded studies that involve 15 select pathogens and toxins. Institutional oversight will include policies, practices, and procedures to ensure DURC is identified and risk mitigation measures are implemented, where applicable. Institutional oversight of DURC is a critical component of a comprehensive oversight system since institutions are the most familiar with the life sciences research conducted in their facilities. Revisions will include minor administrative changes, as well as an additional sentence to consider the 2015 USG DURCPolicy and a reference to the new USG Policy in the references section. The USG Institutional DURCOversight Policy is available at

jm_p434.1A.pdf -- PDF Document, 81 KB

Writer: Robin Keeler
    ID: JM DOE P 434.1A
    Type: Justification Memorandum
    OPI: MA - Office of Management
    Status: Archive
    Approved Date: Nov 05, 2015
    CRD: No
    Invoking Directive: No

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