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DOE O 552.1A Chg 2 (Minor Revision), Travel Policy and Procedures

Functional areas: Business and Support Services, Financial Management, Travel and Transportation

The Order supplements the Federal Travel Regulation as principal source of policy for Federal employee travel and relocation and establishes DOE M 552.1-1A, U.S. Department of Energy Travel Manual, dated 2-17-06, as the repository for supplementary travel requirements information. Supersedes DOE O 552.1A Chg 1 (Admin Chg), dated 10-1-08

05521achg2-minrev.pdf -- PDF Document, 133 KB

Writer: Umeki Thorne
  • Administration
ID: DOE O 552.1A Chg 2 (Minor Revision)
Type: Order
OPI: MA - Office of Management
Status: Archive
Approved Date: Feb 07, 2006
Last Update: Oct 26, 2016
Invoking Directive: No
Travel Policy and Procedures
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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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