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DOE O 460.1D Chg1 (LtdChg), Hazardous Materials Packaging and Transportation Safety

Functional areas: Hazardous Materials, Transportation Safety

The Order establishes safety requirements for the proper packaging and transportation of offsite shipments and onsite transfers of hazardous materials, including radioactive materials. Supersedes DOE O 460.1D, dated 12/20/2016.

o460.1D-Chg1-ltdchg.pdf -- PDF Document, 399 KB

Writer: Julia Shenk
  • Administration
  • Safety
  • Security
ID: DOE O 460.1D Chg1 (LtdChg)
Type: Order
OPI: EM - Office of Environmental Management
Status: Current
Approved Date: Dec 20, 2016
Last Update: Jun 10, 2022
CRD: Yes
Invoking Directive: No

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