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DOE G 435.1-1 Chapter 1, General Responsibilities and Requirements

Functional areas: Environmental Management, Radioactive Waste Management

The material presented in this guide provides suggestions and acceptable ways of implementing DOE M 435.1-1 and should not be viewed as additional or mandatory requirements. The objective of the guide is to ensure that responsible individuals understand what is necessary and acceptable for implementing the requirements of DOE M 435.1-1. Chapters have been combined into one document.

g4351-1ch1.pdf -- PDF Document, 680 KB

Writer: Linda Suttora
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Management and Operations
ID: DOE G 435.1-1 Chapter 1
Type: Guide
OPI: EM - Office of Environmental Management
Status: Archive
Approved Date: Jul 09, 1999
CRD: No, but includes contractor requirements
Invoking Directive: No

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