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DOE O 420.1C, Facility Safety

Functional areas: DNFSB, Defense Nuclear Facility Safety and Health Requirement, Facility Safety, Requires Crosswalk When Revised, Safety

The Order establishes facility and programmatic safety requirements for DOE and NNSA for nuclear safety design criteria, fire protection, criticality safety, natural phenomena hazards (NPH) mitigation, and System Engineer Program. Cancels DOE O 420.1B, DOE G 420.1-2 and DOE G 420.1-3.

o420.1cFinal12-13-12.pdf -- PDF Document, 541 KB

Writer: James O'Brien
  • Health
  • Management and Operations
  • Safety
  • Security
ID: DOE O 420.1C
Type: Order
OPI: HS - Office of Health, Safety and Security
Status: Archive
Approved Date: Dec 04, 2012
CRD: Yes
Invoking Directive: Yes
Facility Safety
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Activities regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) or a state under and agreement with the NRC; Transportation activities that are regulated by the Department of Transportation; Bonneville Power Administration

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Martin F Hinton says:
Oct 21, 2014 02:47 PM

Attachment 2, Page II-3, Section 3.c(2)(e) says, "For property protection, fire areas must be established such that the MPFL for each fire area does not exceed $350 million. Fire area walls or other separation approaches may be used to meet this requirement." The term "Fire area walls" is misleading or ambivalent. Some construe it to mean "Fire Walls" and others believe it means "Fire Barriers" because walls are the most common fire area barriers. The meaning can result in significant differences in design and significant variation in costs. I would recommend replacing "Fire area walls" with "Fire Barriers" or "Fire Walls", whichever is intended.

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