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DOE O 414.1C, Quality Assurance

Functional areas: Defense Nuclear Facility Safety and Health Requirement, Quality Assurance and Oversight, Requires Crosswalk When Revised, Safety,

This Order ensures that the quality of DOE/NNSA products and services meets or exceeds the customers' expectations. Cancels DOE O 414.1B and DOE N 411.1. Canceled by DOE O 414.1D.

o4141c.pdf -- PDF Document, 385 KB

Writer: Colette Broussard
  • Administration
  • Health
  • Management and Operations
  • Safety
ID: DOE O 414.1C
Type: Order
OPI: HS - Office of Health, Safety and Security
Status: Archive
Approved Date: Jun 17, 2005
CRD: Yes
Invoking Directive: No
Quality Assurance
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